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If you are thinking about taking a trip in the near future, there are many areas that you should consider. There are places in North America with lots of history and sights, but there are so many other places abroad that can be much more interesting and historically significant. There are many places in the world that you may never think of to travel on your vacation, but they may be just the relaxing getaway you have been in search of. We have put together some ideas for world travel to help you decide where you want to travel on your next vacation.

If you like the beach scene, there are many beaches to sample here in the states. Cities such as Miami, Dayton, Jacksonville, Malibu, and many cities in Hawaii offer great beaches for sunning and swimming. If you prefer leaving the country, you could always try South America. Rio de Janeiro has very nice beaches, however, the bathing suits are somewhat skimpy if existent at all. The Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands have wonderful beaches that beckon American tourists on a daily basis. Their beaches promise us palm trees and sandy shores as well as warm breezes and days of laziness and relaxation.

If you are a history buff, you may find that Pompeii is the place that tops your desired list of foreign locales. This location in Italy is the site of the great eruption of Mt Vesuvius some 2000 years ago. The city was completely destroyed, yet perfectly preserved by the lava that filled the city streets in an instant after the eruption. Seeing the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum (also destroyed in the same manner) is like stepping back in time to a place that time forgot. The history that lies there is more than we as Americans can ever experience in our home country. Also, while in Italy, you would have to stop by Rome and see the rich history of the Roman civilization and the emperors that once ruled the known world.


If you live for adventure, then and African Safari is probably tops on your list of things to do before you die. An African safari offers excitement and adventure, especially for those of us used to only seeing those types of animals on television. There are tour groups to take you on the safari and explain the animals and surroundings to the group. On a safari, you can see such animals as lions, elephants, monkeys and zebra in their natural habitat. Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania are just a few of the places that offer an authentic African Safari.

If you are more into winter sports such as snow skiing, then a trip to the mountains of Europe may be right up your alley. The advancement in safety over the last several years have made snow skiing safer and more enjoyable for professionals and novices alike. Downhill skiing may seem too advanced for some, and if so, cross country skiing may be more the thing for you. There are resorts and parks all over the world that offer trails for cross country skiers of all ages.

With all of these ideas for world travel, you are sure to find something to tempt your thoughts for your next vacation.


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